About Me

We’re new in business, but not new in town.

Well, that’s what I wrote back in 2004, when this website was created. But now hundreds of satisfied customers later, here is how it all started.

Hi, my name is Robert Lough but I go by Robbie, my wife Mary (Welp) and I have lived in the Mt. Angel area for more than 20 years. Before that, I lived around the Canby area since 1963.

My interest in computers started long before I moved to Mt. Angel though, with a computer called a Commodore 20. I would write programs and spend quite literally all day and night working on them. I finally decided to get away from computers for several years because they were taking all my time.

Fast forward to the days of MS-DOS and my interest was revived and I started dabbling with them again. It stayed as dabbling until several years ago when my wife decided we should buy a computer. I warned her about my incessant need to work with them, but my warnings went unheeded. We ended up buying a new computer.

Even though I had warned her, we had a new computer, and slowly she was becoming a computer widow. I had to try everything that you could do with computers that I read about on the internet and in newsletters, magazines and books. I enrolled in some basic computer classes, and soon found that I was way ahead of the beginning level. So I enrolled in more advanced classes, and with that started networking, rebuilding, and repairing them for family, friends and neighbors.

Then in 2002, I caught a virus that destroyed the balance center of my right ear. After about a year the doctors decided to operate on my left ear, the one that had never bothered me, and destroyed most of the balance center of that ear. Now I am unable to drive, and have difficulty walking when not on a flat surface, but I need to make a living.

That brings us to early 2004 when I started developing a business plan to open a computer service and repair business out of my home. After a great deal of research, and after many setbacks and delays, it all came to fruition on January 3rd, 2005 when I opened to my doors to the public.

It’s important for me to mention here that opening my doors would never have happened without the help and support of many friends, family, my wife and Alice. Thank you all!

Now I am here to offer you the best possible service at the lowest competitive price, and a 30 day guarantee on labor.


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